Voluntarism Review and Reporter

The publication's first issue appeared in August, 1986 and two issues (February and August) were published annually through 1995 -- meeting the ten year rule of thumb for learning from everyday life experience. A voluntarism rather than a professionalism model was applied. The publication represented participation in an area of inquiry and giving time both to what one was doing and what others were doing as well. What was done was what every scholar in the field of study might do.

The venture itself was an exercise in shared-life voluntarism although other types of voluntarism, such as the protective type that runs on altruism resources, or militant styles that search for power resources, were not ignored in both published studies and case reports. The name REVIEW AND REPORTER came out of an exchange with Judge Keith Leenhouts, who for many years was director of V.I.P., an organization which brought volunteers and professionals together in a forum format for the institutional area of criminal justice.

Support came from David Horton Smith, AVAS founder, and Jon Van Til understood its principal source and style of voluntarism, calling it "pervasive voluntarism." Sociologist Robert A. Stebbins understood both its methodology and theoretical origins for he arrived at similar conclusions in his own work. Much appreciated colleague support came from several professionals in the field (both scholars and practitioners).

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