Studies of Voluntarism and

Social Participation, Inc.

Big Bend People & Goats, Inc.

When the credibility of organizational life and professionalism is seriously weakened, the grassroots of society can become one of the most attractive areas of inquiry. As constitutional freedoms are lost even elitists may be restricted to their grassroots roles. What to look for or to build are cooperative relations between the diminished elites and the remnants of an older enlightened grassroots. Without each other significant changes in public policy are unlikely. The promise is that lost freedom will be regained. Where this is happening the higher expectations that generally are crushed by organizationalism, professionalism, globalization and other instruments of excessive control, may be found surviving in the struggle. It is the purpose of collaborative research among grassroots participants to discover or generate an abundance of necessary volitional resources. It is believed that voluntarism is alive and well at the grassroots, while fragmented and depressed at "higher" levels. And apparently local resources for community development are being ignored while cheering sections -- without development strategies -- are wasting outside resources in the name of development! Meanwhile, a search should be underway to find exemplary enterprises in such diverse centers of social participation as philanthropy and agriculture. The search is on to find them or to kindle them, and it is time to go to work.

The home page at present leads to two sub-topic areas of collaborative research: the study of voluntarism (through Studies of Voluntarism and Social Participation, Inc.); and struggles of the goat industry (through Big Bend People and Goats, Inc.).

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